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ways to imrprove your kitchen ready for christmas

Kitchen Improvements in Time for Christmas

Traditionally, Christmas is time of year for fun, relaxation and meeting with family and friends. You may not spend much time thinking about your home or […]
Different types of kitchen extensions

Guide to Kitchen Extensions

As thoughts turn to Christmas at this time of year and families make plans where to meet on Christmas Day you may begin to look at […]

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

As the weather turns colder and the days turn shorter home heating bills rise. If you are looking for ways to cut your home energy bills […]

6 Reasons to Extend Your Home Infographic

As Autumn rolls by it may not seem the time to be thinking of home extensions but in fact now is a great time to think […]
a loft room decorated in grey and white

Making Your Loft Warm

Hygge – Pronounced HOO-GAH. Is a Danish concept for a way of living simply with a feeling of cosiness and contentment by creating the right amount […]

Making Your Home Hygge Infographic

The Danish have a word to describe cosiness and it is Hygge. This autumn you can add a little hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) to your home with […]
Home Bathroom Inspiration

Inspiration for Your Bathroom This Autumn

As autumn approaches and summer fades our thoughts turn to the inside of our homes. Time to look at creating a cosy, warm place to relax […]
Autumn Leaves Falling, Autumn Garden

10 Ways to Get Your Garden Autumn Ready

Our gardens have provided the perfect place to rest and relax over the summer with close friends and family, but the long days of summer are […]
Home Improvement Projects, Yellow Door, New Door

Home Improvements for Under £1,000

When it comes to adding value to your home a little bit of investment can go a long way. It is always worth to spend some […]
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