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20 Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool

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Stay cool in the sun

The hot weather is proving unbearable. Your grass has turned to hay, your house is positively sweltering and there is no where to go to get any refuge. Worry not. Say goodbye to hot summer nights in a pit of sweat and despair. There are a few things you can do to keep the temperature of your house cool when all you want to do is sleep.

  1. Keep your windows wide open. If you can have the back and front windows open, you can make a crosswind.
  2. Keep doors open. Closing doors is good for insulation in the winter but traps heat in the summer.
  3. Close your blinds or curtains. Do this from late morning to early evening to keep heat out.
  4. Before you go to bed hang a damp sheet in front of the windows instead of curtains as any wind blowing through will be cooled by the damp sheet.
  5. For the ground floor of your home put umbrellas or parasols close to windows to give them shade.
  6. Place bowls of water in your room to work as an air conditioner. Keep them fresh!
  7. If bowls of water is too fussy. Stock up on lots of plants as they add moisture to the air and keep the air refreshed.
  8. If you have a fan point it to the window to drag the warm air out of the room and pull in cooler air.
  9. Fill a tray with water and freeze. Place this in front of a fan to blow cool air across your room.
  10. Swap polyester, nylon or satin sheets for cotton as it is a natural material and will help with ventilation and wicking away sweat.
  11. Pop your bedsheet in a bag and freeze for a few minutes, then use then as normal to help you sleep quicker.
  12. Choose loose, cotton clothing to keep the moisture away and stop you lying in a hot mess.
  13. Hot water bottles are not just for winter. Fill and freeze a hot water bottle and pop it next to your feet to give you a good night’s sleep.
  14. Use damp sweatbands on pulse points: use them on your ankles and wrists to keep your core body temperature down.
  15. Before going to bed unplug all appliances as even those plugged in but not used can give off heat.
  16. Use as few appliances as possible, and if you are not using them don’t leave them on standby.
  17. The same goes for lights, even energy saving bulbs give off enough heat to raise the temperature in a room.
  18. If you feel the heat more than most take your mattress downstairs and sleep on the living room floor as heat rises and staying low will help you to keep cool.
  19. If you can forego the mattress swap it up for a jute or bamboo rug. It may not be comfy but will eliminate all the heat a thick mattress holds onto.
  20. For the longer term if this hot weather is here to stay look into insulation options for your home, e.g. cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, and roof and loft insulation.

For lots more information and guidance on getting the most out of your home this summer from small gardens to making your home appear bigger inside please check our other articles. We would love to hear from you if you have a suggestion on what you would like to find out next time.

Ivars Zonenbergs
Ivars Zonenbergs
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