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“I would definitely recommend IZ Livingly”

“IZ are professional & excellent quality for money”
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Our reputation is incredibly important to us and we love hearing from our customers. Hear from one of our customers Barna Kiss, a local property investor, about his experience using our team.

“You can trust them to get on with the job rather than watching them all the time. They’ve got the experience, they know what they’re doing, they can just get on with the project. They look after their own materials, what they need, all that sort of stuff. The massive benefit for me is the freedom of time from the project. Not only would I recommend them to other people, I’ll use them again myself as well.

I bought a block of flats which is an old brewery. It needed a complete refurbishment. I bought it at auction quite cheaply. I needed somebody with a lot of experience who knew how to do that type of work. Found him on Facebook in a buy and sell group or somewhere where he’d posted. First impressions were good, very knowledgeable, knew what he was talking about, knew the building game. But also not just that, price was very competitive and he came across the sort of person that you could work with. With the smaller jobs I’d give him I knew what I needed to do, but with this project, in a way it was new to me as well in something this size. So, I said it was a block of six flats with planning application we’ve added two more into the roof space as well. So Ivar’s came in and his knowledge of what we should be doing, things like removing the floors rather than repairing and stuff, and the reasons why we needed to do that was really helpful.

I’ve hired builders in the past that have come to me with their problems and “What do it do?” And I’m like, “Well, you’re the builder, you tell me.” So I don’t have that issues with Ivar’s team. Really good standard of finishes that I’d used most in smaller project before but the quality of finishes is really, really good. Sometimes you can get a builder in, and they may be a little bit cheaper, but they run over time by months. Ivar’s team come in, they’ve given a price, they’ve over exceeded in time wise. The quality of the work is really good. They’ve just got on and did the job and whatever problem that was unforeseen, they’ve just dealt with it and moved onto the next thing and seemed to enjoy what they do.”

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Ivars Zonenbergs
Ivars Zonenbergs
As the Managing Director of IZ Livingly Homes Ivars is passionate about helping customers to turn their house into their dream home. With over 14 years in the industry you can have confidence that working with IZ Livingly Homes will be stress and hassle free, a pleasurable experience and always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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