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10 Ways to Get Your Garden Autumn Ready

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Preparing your garden for autumn

Our gardens have provided the perfect place to rest and relax over the summer with close friends and family, but the long days of summer are almost over. Autumn is almost here, and the leaves are turning golden and dropping to the ground. Your garden will welcome some TLC and maintenance after the long, hot summer. Read on to find out ways to get your garden autumn ready.

  1. Cut back bushes, shrubs and trees.

When cutting back branches cut them at the base where they meet the main trunk of the plant. Be sure not to cut all foliage back and leave a place for birds and other animals to shelter.

  1. Rake leaves as often as you can.

As soon as leaves start to fall frequently from trees head out with your rake to keep your garden paths clear. Give the lawn a rake over to collect any moss, debris and other garden weeds.

  1. Deadhead flowers, especially roses.

Sweep up any rose leaves to avoid diseases such as black spot. Don’t compost the rose leaves.

  1. Clean and put away plant pots.

While the weather is still warm use the time to clean plant pots. A bleach rinse should do a good job but avoid doing this to terracotta pots. When they are dry put them away until you are ready to use them again.

  1. Remove any shade from greenhouse.

Tear away any shading from the greenhouse to let as much light in as possible. Give your greenhouse a good disinfect to prevent any cross contamination in the next growing season.

  1. Clean out waterbutts.

Give the outside a clean with a hose and a brush if grime is proving stubborn. Choose ecologically safe products for cleaning the water inside the butt. Or empty it completely and give the inside a good scrub.

  1. Cover ponds with netting.

As autumn approaches and leaves fall from trees it is a good time to protect your pond by laying netting over it. If you are clearing out weeds, then give wildlife a chance to escape by leaving it at the side of the pond for a couple of days.

  1. Give the lawn a trim.

Your lawn will be much slower-growing in the autumn and winter months. A final trim now will keep your lawn looking in good shape when the spring arrives.

  1. Protect your garden furniture.

Apply paint to your wooden or cast-iron garden furniture to protect it from the weather over the winter. There are lots of colours available so choose one that you find matches your personality or adds vibrancy to your garden. Pastel colours are always a sure winner.

  1. Check fencing for repairs.

Take the time to look over your garden fence as a storm could be all it takes to knock it down. Check for any repairs that may need doing. If the fencing isn’t repairable then have a new one installed before the winter weather sets in.


Enjoy the last days of summer in your garden and take photos of how it looks, use these to help you plan changes you will make next year. It may be that you want to have a new layout or that you want to re-locate plants and shrubs. Whatever your plan may be the photos will help you decide what changes you may wish to make.

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