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Guide to Kitchen Extensions

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Kitchen Improvements in Time for Christmas
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Different types of kitchen extensions

Guide to Kitchen Extensions

As thoughts turn to Christmas at this time of year and families make plans where to meet on Christmas Day you may begin to look at your kitchen and worry that the space isn’t big enough. There are some steps you can take ready for next year to make sure you have all the space you need for a growing family or extra guests. Not only that but a kitchen extension will give you extra daylight, link spaces and improve flow in your home. Read our guide to find out about the different kitchen extensions you can do no matter how small or big your outdoor space.


Side-return extensions

That space along the side of your home between your house and the garden fence is often a dumping ground for bikes, bins and other outdoor equipment. This space can be used to create a side-return extension that is the full length of your home adding much needed extra space to your kitchen. It usually involves removing all or some of the exterior side wall and then expanding sideways.


Rear extensions

Depending on the size of your rear garden you can add an extension to the rear of your home. This can forgo the hassle and stress of moving home whilst still giving you that extra space you need. A rear extension usually goes from one wall to the other wall across the full width of your home, utilising your garden space. A rear extension can extend outwards by six metres (due to recent planning permission changes) on semi-detached or terraced properties, and eight metres on detached properties.

Whether it is a side-return extension or a rear extension there are few things to consider when planning your design:

  1. Be mindful of light: add glazing to the roof in side returns, if single storey.
  2. Give it an outdoor feel. Choose floor to ceiling windows to really make it feel outdoors.
  3. Play with form. Choose materials that complement your original kitchen or offer a modern perspective.


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Ivars Zonenbergs
Ivars Zonenbergs
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