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How to Get More Space from Your Home

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Home extension pros and cons

Reasons to extend your home instead of selling

An increasing number of homeowners up and down the nation are opting to extend their homes. Whether you’ve lived in your home for many years, or recently bought a beautiful house you fell in love with, there’s reasons you can benefit from a home extension. 

Perhaps your adorable toddler has grown into a strapping teenager and gained a sibling or two along the way. Maybe an elderly family member is going to be moving in, or are your now grown up kids moving home in order to save for a deposit to buy a home of their own? Do you run your own business and want to work from home but simply don’t have the space? These are just a few reasons why, over time, homeowners are finding the space that worked for them previously, simply doesn’t work anymore. Instead of spending thousands on moving costs and enduring the stress of moving, consider adapting your current home. 

Lofts can be converted to create extra bedrooms, office spaces to work from home and even separate living spaces for your teenagers to enjoy. 

Creating extra space

If, like many homeowners of older properties in South Yorkshire, you’ve got a cramped kitchen, or a small living quarters downstairs and have a garden then a single-storey extension might be for you. By extending outwards you will be able to create that dream kitchen you’ve longed for, add extra space to your living room, or maybe add a utility room to keep the mud out. 

Adding value

Another reason to extend is adding value. Why not consider investing in the place you’ve called home for so long. Converting your loft, extending outwards, adding a two-storey extension, regardless of how you do it, adding extra space equals extra value so that when it does come time to selling up, you could make a profit on your home. 

Moving costs

Moving homes is high on the list of the most stressful situations in life. It’s also very expensive. Legal fees, land registry costs, surveys, stamp duty, estate agency fees, mortgage costs, it all adds up. Save yourself thousands of pounds and a headache by staying put in the home you love and adapt it to your changing needs.  

Work Space

Perhaps you run your own business and are paying fees to rent out a space. By extending your home you can make space for you to work and save yourself money on business costs along the way. Whether you need an office or a workshop, by extending into your garden, garage or loft, you can create your dream work space. By going into your loft or garage you can create space that is shut off from the rest of your home so you can work comfortably and not be distracted by the everyday going-on’s of the home. 


Last but not least, there’s modernisation. Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your home, if you’ve bought an older property, chances are, the layout isn’t conducive to twenty first century living. In South Yorkshire there is a variety of property types. From two-up-two-down Victorian properties with small galley kitchens and bathrooms downstairs next to the kitchen, to 1930s semis with kitchens shut off from the rest of the house and dining rooms that are attached to the living room. These are just a few examples. Older properties are generally more spacious than newer properties, but the layouts don’t work as well. By extending outwards into your garden or garage and knocking down internal walls you can re-configure the space to work for you.

Here at IZ Livingly Homes we are specialists in building, renovation, and refurbishment projects. Our skilled and dedicated team loves nothing more than fulfilling your ideal home dreams! Whether you’re thinking of a loft conversion, a new extension, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, a garage conversion or any kind of renovation or refurbishment, we’re proud to offer you all the benefits of a secure, trustworthy and committed home improvements company. Call us on 0114 349 0970 or contact us online to speak to one of our team today.

Ivars Zonenbergs
Ivars Zonenbergs
As the Managing Director of IZ Livingly Homes Ivars is passionate about helping customers to turn their house into their dream home. With over 14 years in the industry you can have confidence that working with IZ Livingly Homes will be stress and hassle free, a pleasurable experience and always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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