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Keeping Your Loft Room Cool in the Summer

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Keeping your loft room cool in the summer

In the summer it is easy to forget or overlook your loft room.  We all know that houses become greenhouses in the summer and windows trap the sun’s heat which only adds to the problem.  On top of that, we all know that heat rises.  So, it all adds up to the loft room being the last place you will be able to relax and settle for a good night’s sleep.  It doesn’t need to be the case.  With a little thought and time your loft can become a place of relaxation and rest.


In the Air Tonight

There needs to be a way for heat to escape and ventilation is key. It doesn’t have to be air conditioning.  It can be as simple as installing a Velux window in the roof followed up with air vents at the bottom of walls to suck in cooler air.  As well as installing the windows it seems obvious but have them open to let heat out instead of trapping it in.  Better still, why not have multiple Velux windows or a Juliette balcony if there is space.  Not only will it be a focal point, but it will add to the natural light and airflow in your loft room.

Our top tip… It may seem counter-intuitive but to help with heat fit retractable blinds or shades in your loft windows and keep these closed during the day to reflect the sun’s rays.


Heat of the Night

When you hear the word insulation you will think of keeping a room warm in the winter, but insulation has two roles; in cold weather to slow the transfer of heat out of the building and in warm weather to slow the movement of heat into the building.  A good quality insulation board will keep your loft room cool in the summer and save you money in the winter.


Shine a Light

Last year we had ‘hygge’ and staying comfy and cosy. This summer is all about ‘Lagom’ and staying comfy yet uncluttered.  Lagom is about finding the right balance between not too much and not too little and using this in your loft room will give the perfect summer living place.  Wooden floors are preferable instead of carpets and paint them white to reflect light.  It might not ordinarily be a colour you choose for walls but paint your walls white or a pale colour in the attic to open the space, choose pale colours such as sand, pebble or stone.

Top tip for furniture… choose furniture that doubles up yet oozes character such as an ottoman.


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Ivars Zonenbergs
Ivars Zonenbergs
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