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Making Your Loft Warm

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How to keep your loft warm with hygge

Hygge – Pronounced HOO-GAH. Is a Danish concept for a way of living simply with a feeling of cosiness and contentment by creating the right amount of ambience. For many of Denmark’s natives, it’s a place of retreat. To unwind after a long, hard day.


Throws, rugs, blankets and pillows

To set the mood, one of the many elements of Hygge is soft furnishings. There’s nothing better than to kick back on a nice, comfy couch decorated with plush (maybe faux fur) cushions and a warm knit throw to get cosy and warm under or maybe lay on a thick, fluffy rug with a throw over you whilst you’re drinking a nice cup of hot coffee or a glass of mulled wine.


Bring some of the outside inside

During the winter months, where the weather can have a cold bite to it to say the least and its dark outside, you’ll prefer to go out less. So, to clean the air inside your home, fetch the outside in, by accessorising with indoor plants such as cacti, succulents or even ferns. Many Danes do this to help with the sense of feeling Hygge.


Minimise clutter in your loft

The move to living and creating hygge, should be a simple expansion rather than a forced one. Saying this, the lifestyle of hygge is “less is always more” so creating simplicity and living simply without all the extra effort. Think about clutter reduction i.e. recycling and upcycling to create the sense of contentment within yourself by removing unnecessary things within your home.


Light up your loft

With the many cold, dark winter days ahead, just lighting a candle or switching on some warm, white twinkly fairy lights can set a beautiful, cosy tone to any room. Using the correct lighting and creating that ambient, relaxing feeling to a room can instantly lift anyone’s spirits.


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Ivars Zonenbergs
Ivars Zonenbergs
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