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Reasons to Renovate Your Home

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Summer is approaching, the days are longer and the weather is heating up. This is the perfect time to be thinking about home improvements for both winter and next summer. A lot of people are left wondering where to start, so here are a few ideas and reasons for making improvements to your home and what it might cost.

Central heating modernisation for winter

As a property ages so does the fixtures and fittings which need replacing to maintain good working function. Adding central heating to an older property is a common need and can cost up from £2,500-£5,000. Even if the property already has central heating the boiler system may need replacing costing between £500-£2,500. Summer is a good time to get this modernisation completed while the central heating is not in use.


Love my carpet
As much as DIY has become a national sport on Bank Holidays for many it’s a necessity, as the inside becomes worn and tired. Floors are the biggest culprit with the daily footfall. Little wonder then that laying new carpets or flooring is the UK’s homeowners preferred renovation project, according to a recent survey where 30% chose this option. But don’t just buy something that looks good, think of the practicality and the footfall it might receive. Is it a walkway through the home? Is it a second bedroom with not much use? Do children use the room and therefore a chance of food and drink spillage?

Increase value with an extension or bedroom adaption
If you live in an old house there is a good chance you have vast unused bedrooms and in some cases, these can be divided up to create new smaller bedrooms and potentially adding more value and interest to the home when reselling. Alternatively extending the space out into the back or side garden is an option to create a new additional bedroom, with the typical extension costing £20,000-£35,000 and adding anything from 11% to the value of the home.


Going up for extra space
A loft conversion can add much-needed space for either an extra bedroom, office or move the bathroom upstairs. Better still you don’t need to lose any garden space when converting the loft. There are all kinds of conversions that can be done from a dormer to a mansard to a hip to gable. Speak with a building company to find out the prospective cost for the project, also get timescales and advice on the most suitable conversion for your needs. The typical loft conversion will cost from £30,000 to £60,000 and add up to 21% to the value of your home.

Ivars Zonenbergs
Ivars Zonenbergs
As the Managing Director of IZ Livingly Homes Ivars is passionate about helping customers to turn their house into their dream home. With over 14 years in the industry you can have confidence that working with IZ Livingly Homes will be stress and hassle free, a pleasurable experience and always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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